She had a meeting with my expectation
He is the Secretary of my wellbeing
Her intentions still a fog
An import vessel that needs clearance
He booked an appointment for her with my emotion

My eyes caught her before she could get there
That is my chief security officer
Investigating her: not too tall, cream light skin, 35D size cups, a round fat ass, long hair, straight legs, flat tummy, pretty face…
Those damning features he thought to himself

Then sent a message to my brain
For forensic examination not sparing one detail
From the kind of air she was breathing to her blood group
My brain, the assassin, scheming and wondering when to take the shot

With the latest discovery, my emotion the clearance officer is pacing back and forth
Uneasy, unsure, pessimistic and naive, yet hopeful, excited, eager, anxious and nervous
Not knowing if this person will be cleared at all

If her goods were approved to be loved or incinerated to hate
But hoping the brain knows what it is doing
And when to take a shot at her
Just so that my emotion won’t get hurt…



Written by: Yusuf Ezra