Pain held a portion of me in its domain,
You extended a helping hand to halt its reign,
The other portion sank in an ocean of sorrow,
You revived it from the engrossing woe.

Challenges fed my friable soul to stupor,
You breathed consciousness into me,
I staggered under the influence of failure,
You knocked me off from inebriation.

Life threw me into the mud of ugly memories,
You redeemed and washed me off the filfth,
When mistakes stripped me off my sanity,
You kissed me with plentiful elements of it.

My past held me in captivity,
You broke those walls of insecurities,
When the future didn’t look promising,
You sent every feeling of doubt into extinction.

You could be called my Messiah on earth,
My guardian angel; a descendant of heaven,
You’re the antidote to earthborn wrath,
There is no doubt you are my perfect haven.

Author’s Bio:

My name is Adewale Olayemi Mudashiru, an undergraduate studying Chemical Engineering at the prestigious University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria. A freelance writer, Content Creator, Poet and Author of “Chronicles of my lost mind” and yet-to-be published “Hurricane.” I have special interest in writing as I believe this connects me to an audience, and words when beautifully written invoke a feeling in people and help alleviate some.There is someone out there who needs to hear that word.