Boom! Boom!! Boom!!!
Hear the sound of shells falling, feel my body quaver as screams of horror and sounds of bullets romancing flesh poured over me.
Dust from crumbling buildings and running feet fill my eyes and my skies darkens from rising smokes and dotted with cycling vultures, zooming in on mangled bodies.
My grounds soaked deep with flowing blood of its warriors and my maidens ravished by uniformed men, as my boys are snatched from their mothers blossom to join in the war.
Can you smell the thickness of blood and tears in the air, look as my men hang their heads in defeat, their prides and egos deflated
Oh hear mothers and wives crying rivers, sisters and daughters dancing the mourning dance as my lands become cushioned with scars.



Writer’s Bio 

My name is Adewale Olowoporoku.
A lover of books, songs, movies and food.
Graduate of of Mass Communication from Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Ogun State.
I write to beat low self-esteem and give voice to all those suffering from low self-esteem.
When I am not writing poems, I am somewhere working as a journalist.

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