It’s that curvy look
When we are jolly
Grinning whole heartedly
It conceals our intentions

Makes our heart glow with ecstasy
It leaves us gleaming with beauty
It is painless
Even for the penniless

It comes with a burst of relief
With a lease of fresh breath
Even when we are in pain
It makes us confront our challenges

People say it comes when we are merry
I seem to disagree
It comes when we want our hearts to melt with utmost joy
It pushes us forward when we are gloomy.


About the Author

I am Unwuchola Victor Achile, when I was younger I always thought poetry was one of the most difficult things so I never had interest. My school was invited for an art competition and the principal told us that the winner of the competition goes home with a laptop and I always wanted a laptop. So I forced myself to write. When I started writing I discovered that ideas flowed freely and I wrote the poem with so much that I began to tell myself this might just be for me. So we submitted the poems and articles, oh sorry did I forget to say we wrote articles as well, our dean of studies misplaced my article and the competition required submission of the both so I was disqualified. That was the beginning of my poetic, ever since then I have continued writing poems.