At times when life is hard, the heart fights to be
a stone, a lone stone at the shore of the ocean.
Washed away by the morning wave, nothing but empty shell, nothing to save.
One tries to be brave, to battle through the cold,
But the waves are stronger, bolder each day.
One realizes in an instance,
the lesson pattern in life,
the cloud in ones eyes starts to rise ,
Left only with clear blue eyes, they scan the stone filled ocean with new sight,
The message in this words might not be right,
it is only written by a starving heart,
that attracts the hope to start a new life.
I would hope to be a fearless lioness, that hides in the corner of your ocean,
just to scare away the little doubts that cover your heart in a comfortable embrace.
It is better to always hope , even when the oceans waves are stronger and bolder,
Success comes right before you want to give up,
Believe in yourself like the Kentucky chicken founder, until your last breath .
The hope to achieve your goals is not over.
Don’t let your ocean be filled with stones.
Only dreams and the will to never give up.





Writer’s Bio

My name is Suhad and I love writing poetry.
I started writing two years ago and I have been competing at the same duration of time. I live in Sweden so the appreciation of poetry is different compared to Africa’s. Furthermore, I play football and in my spare time I teach dance.