It starts with seconds
That run into minutes
Which run into hours
Then into days
Thus making a week
Of which four make a month
That makes a year when twelve converge.
Years come together to form a decade
Decades give birth to a century
Centuries converge to give birth to a millennium
The earth’s rotation is due to time
It revolves round the sun to define time
The sun plays it’s role in telling time
The moon and stars also play their role
Through this period generations have existed
Inventions were given birth to.
Actions and activities are determined through time
Which is irreversible
As it’s like a the play button.
When made to count it’s fulfilling
Thus let time be the guide through what the mind is set on
Writer’s Bio 
Hi, I’m Abraham Ofili, a creative writer that loves penning his thoughts and imagination into words to create something meaningful. I’m never far from my pen and notepad.