Livie my dear,
You’re looking older dear friend.
Could it be you’re near the end?
You’re barely in your 40’s
You’re feeble like your 90’s
You work non-stop
Take a care lest you drop.

Al old pal,
Another visit from you will end me!
I love you for the fun,
And I hate you for the crud.
You come and you go
And leave a mess in your wake.
A mess I clean even as I quake.

Livie my friend!
You look worse for wear.
For your sake alone,
I wish I wouldn’t be invited.
But our master just loves to have me around.
For confidence, for courage
And all the things he lacks.

Al you darl,
I feel the way I look.
You need to make sure to let him off the hook
You make him invincible
But only for a while
If we keep this up
Surely I’ll be gone!

Livie oh Livie!
Believe me when I say
I tried and I tried
But the master had his way
I’m here not by choice
Cause I remember you clearly,
‘The next mess I clean would surely be my end’

Al old chap,
What scent do you wear today?
Vodka? Whiskey? Rum or Brandy?
Seeing you is bittersweet
For this is our last memory
A final toast
To an unwanted end



Writer’s Bio 

TigerFireRose is a fun, quirky writer who believes in the timeless power of storytelling. If there’s a story to be told, in anyway possible way, about any thing you can think of at all, she is prepared to put it down… right after her power nap.