The Innocent and Pure

An enchantress and an allure,

Flawless in her green flowery dress,

Gorgeous hair as a crown on her head,

A reflection of the little fairy-tale Mermaid,

Beauty from Nature, so true and pure.


A poignant gaze into her soulful brown eyes,

returns an asinine stare,

one devoid of innocence, nothing of Love,

bare hatred, betrayal, confusion and distrust.

She is only but eight years young!


Do you know her story? Here you are…

The innocent and pure,

Depraved of innocence, ripped off infant purity,

angels and demons, her angels were demons.

Sons of Adam! What was her sin?

She is the one with sober eyes,

The one with a gloomy heart,

Father, brother, friend, confidant! Robbers of purity!

What wickedness have you caused this beautiful soul?


Who would return her innocence, her purity, her pride?

What atonement can be done for her Love lost?

How can she trust again?

Rise damsel rise

Take my hands,

It is us against the world

You and I.


About The Author

 My name is Mibiola Ifeoluwa, currently an undergraduate of Microbiology at The Obafemi Awolowo University,Ile-Ife, Osun State in Nigeria. I am a Christian, I have special interests in Writing, Reading, Public Speaking, Science, Music and Business. I believe writing is not merely being able to conjure words together rather it is passion, energy and an act of faith itself!. Everyone deserves to hear our message.