Tell me

You will love me

Without flowers

Lacking facial hair.


And I will love you

with no face beats,

In absence of multi coloured eyes.


Tell me

You will call me

When I have no airtime,

That you will read my letters.


Tell me

You will walk with me to Manuwa,

That you won’t accept a ride from Emeka.


Tell me

This heart shall bleed not in vain,

That we may not forget all those kisses under the rain.


Tell me

That this would not be last time

I hold your hand under the sky,

That Ojukwu’s walls may not bear witness to another vow broken.

About The Author

VowsMy name is Eze Kenechukwu Michael, I am a law student at the University of Nigeria Enugu campus and I am a hopeless romantic.