Words are the language units, common to all.
Words are destiny moulders, dream builders … Future planners.
Words are pregnant with power … They are backed up with Authority.
Words we speak, are pictures of the thoughts we have captured with our minds, processed with our brains and printed with our lips.
Proverbs are words from the Old.
Reproofs are words for the young.
Riddles are words to be found.
Parables are words to illustrate.
Words are the food for life.
Words determine the course of our journeys: the routes;we’d follow in life’s bumpy town.
Words make or break relationships.
Words make the difference between a house and a home.
Words distinguish wisdom from stupidity. (Do you sound stupid today?)
Words are said, by only the living …
When mortals die, their words ceased to be heard.
Words are the bases of existence.
Words are much more valuable than all currencies.
Respect your words … They are your treasures …
Do not give out your treasures foolishly!



Writer’s Bio

Tim BJ is a poet who has been performing spoken word and reciting his writings for about 4 years. He has an amazing style and plays with words well… Uses puns to convey his message sometimes.
He opened his site… This year and has so far uploaded over 10 pieces, written by him. You
can enjoy his other works like The CRAVE, Love on the INSIDE @ timbj.com
He drops his pieces fortnightly. Enjoy this amazing world of poetry with TIM BJ.