Every writer wants visibility. Actually, every writer needs visibility and if you do not position yourself in places where people who genuinely care about your art are located, you will continue to wallow in obscurity and eventually give up on writing altogether. Today, I have compiled a list of amazing writing platforms you need to be a part of as a writer. They are a home to like-minds and people that actually want to read your works.


Beautiful, stunning and easy to navigate. Medium is WordPress and Twitter combined into one sweet box. It allows you to set up a social-media-like account, write a power bio, get followers and follow people but still maintains the layout of a blog. You can write and edit posts just like you would do in blogger or WordPress. You can also create one-off posts or series, put pictures in between your works, to beautify the text and share works for people to like and comment on just like they would do in a blog. A feature I really love is the clap feature. For everyone that claps on your work, you get free publicity. Let me put it this way, your work automatically goes to the profile of whoever claps for you as works they have clapped for. So if a 100 people clap for you, you get publicity on 100 pages.  The app is available on the ios and android store and you can also visit their website www.medium.com  It’s very easy to set up and get right to sharing your works. So start “mediuming” today.



A home of the deep ones – 375 million blogs and counting. Tumblr is where poets, writers and individuals with deep thoughts reside. Ever imagined a space where being a writer felt divine? Then Tumblr is one app that you need to experience. Like Medium, it is also a combination of a blog and social media account, but in the case of Tumblr, there’s more focus on poetry, prose, literature and the arts like we know it. It allows you to share your works with pictures, audio formats or written out in amazingly beautiful structures. You can design your page according to the themes that you like. You would be surprised that a lot of the quotes you save daily and share are actually gotten from Tumblr. Tumblr is one social media-blogging platform that any writer, poet or literature enthusiast should be on. It is primarily for sharing deep things, so you do not have to battle for attention between people posting comedy skits, slay queens and kings sharing their pictures and your amazing write-ups that need visibility. One feature I love is the ability to create several blogs and share different things according to your different niches without having to change usernames or create new accounts.  It is downloadable on the ios and android store and their website is tumblr.com



The Youtube of Writing! Wattpad is a home to eager readers looking for your brilliant works. It can be said to be the most interactive platform for writers and readers. It benefits majorly prose writers but poets can also share their poems in series format. It allows you to grow, as you get constructive criticism and are able to work more at your craft. You get your own community of loyal readers who follow and love you and you get fulfilled with your craft. A lot of authors use the platform to write their books and sell it after. You can also add external links to your works for readers to purchase and read more from you. For anyone passionate about telling stories, growing as a writer, meeting like-minds and reading works of others, all for free, then Wattpad is the platform for you. It is also available on the android and ios store and their website is Wattpad.com



Hold up! I know you use Instagram but read this first. At the African Writers Meet 2017 event which held last month, I met a girl who was a writer but did not use her Instagram account to share her works. I was shocked! She wasn’t aware that writers actually shared works on Instagram. She was missing out on sharing and reading works of Rupi Kaur, Rh Sin, Titilope, Poetolu, Pyrokardia, Ijeoma and you! As a result, I realized it is important to add Instagram to this list. Yes, Instagram at the time of its creation was essentially for sharing pictures, but, with the way it’s going, it’s turning out to be the foremost social media site for content creators. The best way to find like minds and to get literature enthusiasts to like, read and share your work is to use hashtags like #Writers #WritersofInstagram #africanwriters and the likes, follow Instagram communities like @africanwriters (yes of course!) and connect to other writers. I would definitely do a piece on growing as a writer on Instagram using case studies but for now, as a writer, Instagram would give you great visibility. Share your works! Stop hoarding them. You can download the app on the android and ios store just in case you do not have it. (I said in case!) The world needs to see what you are made of.

About The Author

Agboola Faith Moyosore is a purposeful storyteller, youth development speaker and founder and creative director of The African Writers. You can connect with her on all social media platforms with @faithmoyosore