A very common question that has flooded our comments and Dms is this – “What does everyone use to design quotes?”

We do not necessarily design these quotes but we share the works of amazing writers who do. So if you are a newbie to the world of Instagram sharing or you just want to upgrade your design skills then this post is perfect for you.

With the apps below you can design amazing texts and ensure that your talent gets noticed.

Here they are:

1. Phonto: Easy to use and great for achieving that minimalist beauty that you desire with your posts. Stand out as a prestigious poet or writer with this gem.


2. Canva: Everyone’s favourite app. It is perfect for designing every and anything that your mind conceives. You can create your own unique identity with this brilliant app and treat your followers to a feast of great beauty. We dare call it a rookie’s best friend.


3. Adobe Spark Post: Just like Canva, the Adobe Spark post app is a non-designer’s dream come true. The quality of templates and the diverse capacities including animated texts make this app an immediate winner. Upgrade your Instagram from basic to classy with this app.


4. Typorama: Another amazing app that lets you give life to your gift. With typorama picture on text feels as easy as an athlete walking casually on the road. It is specifically created for you the creator of words, so do not miss out on all that this app has to offer.

5. Over: Another vibrant opportunity to design your dream quote. With Over your page just gets an instant face lift. The dark hues and gloomy aura gets switched to a burst of sunshine. Do you like bright pages and wish that yours could look the same? Over is your right hand man for the job. Even more amazing there is a video feature too. Go create.

And we have come to the end of this reveal. Our personal favourite is Canva but you can try out any of these apps and we promise you, all your basic design needs will be met. We can’t wait to see what you create.

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