Did you know writers laziness is somewhat different from “laziness” as we know it?

Calm down, that didn’t make sense right?

The thing is I wake up some days feeling like Superman. Head out and crush every goal that come my way but that little part just won’t let me write.

You can do all the rigours work out but can’t write a line. Yeah this is another kind of laziness, far from the one we know.

Being lazy to write, doesn’t mean we are lazy individuals per say, it just shows we are distracted or blocked in some cases. Or maybe we are just LAZY.

How then can we deal with laziness? How can we get all those wonderful ideas out on ink? How can we finish that article that we have been writing for over three months now? How can we finish those books we have piled up for a year now?

It won’t be easy, that I can guarantee but it’s possible to overcome laziness. In doing so, you need to change your habits. Laziness is largely tied to habits.

Three things are key in overcoming laziness and doing much more.

Cub Distractions

We live in a busy world. If your personal life doesn’t draw you, your career or school work would pull you. Even social media has become a huge distraction. The distraction is now so great that while you are typing, your messages appear. Now you don’t even need to go over to the platform before you are drawn in. It’s like going to a mall, you intended to but a top only. While checking out the top, the sales rep brings trouser. “Wow this is lovely” and your attention leaves the top, now you’re drooling for trouser.

To fix distraction, you have to discipline yourself. Telling yourself, nothing would hinder you from writing. You can turn off your data so as to avoid online distractions. Also locate where you can be free from physical distractions.

Have a Positive Mindset

Writing begins from the mind before ink ever touches the pad. If you haven’t thought about it, you surely would struggle to write it. Where the whole battle is found is in the mind. Some people have zeroed themselves. They only write when they feel inspired or in the mood for it. Beloved, it’s a mindset. Yes! mood swings do occur but never tie writing to your mood. Your mood can affect what you write but it shouldn’t be a determinant to write.

There are days I have so much to write, he get set to start, just then the mood swing and the thought that tomorrow would be better for writing sets in. Instantly every thought and idea I had before, no matter how strong the urge to write was vanishes into space. It’s my mindset at work during such cases. Of course the thought would always come, when it does, don’t settle for it. Cultivate a positive mindset, even if you are not in the mood, shake off that mood and turn on your positive vibe. I can guarantee you won’t stop until the ideas stop dropping. A positive mindset is a sure antidote for laziness.

Have a Schedule that Works and Stick to it

When I started out writing, I was just writing and writing, until I got exhausted. For months afterwards I couldn’t write another article. I had overworked the system. To avoid weariness, it’s important to have a schedule that works. Ever wondered why at school, we don’t have a particular course everyday of the week? That could be burdensome both on the lecturers part as well as the students. To solve this, a schedule is drawn. It’s advisable to write everyday but with a schedule you have an idea when, where, and what you would be writing.

Your schedule could be to write between 12pm and 3pm daily. At such time, you would be at home, and for Monday you could write on food, Tuesday write on finance, Wednesday write on relationship, Thursday write on start up ideas, Friday write fun stuff. This is what we call writing calendar. It simplifies your work and make you accountable.

You won’t get it all at once. Life is dynamic, unexpected events might occur, which would affect your schedule, so I recommend you try it out one week at a time. Access what worked and what didn’t work. After which modify and keep modifying.

Feed your Mind

Sometimes laziness occur when we have nothing to write. There are books, blog posts or other sources that exist on any topic you will ever think of writing, if there is none, then create it. So whenever you feel lazy to write, one question you should ask is “what do I know?”.

Have you been so hungry that you saw food and you asked, how to get started on eating? Nah! it happens by default. When you know much about a subject matter, hardly will you feel lazy to write about it. Spend quality time learning about what you constantly write about and you won’t feel lazy for a long time.

Overcoming laziness is not an overnight action. However, you can decide to overnight. So work on your mindset, have a schedule that works, get more knowledge on subjects you constantly write. Get rid of distractions both online and environmental.

Stop now and draft out your schedule for the rest of this week. You can send a copy to me, so we can work on it together.




Writer’s Bio

Omerhi James Iroro, founder InkGeniusNG. He’s a published writer, teacher, penpreneur and a life shaper. A young and proactive individual who is gaining fast ground in his environment. He helps individuals and organizations discover, document and monetize written contents. He can be contacted via Instagram @semajihremo or facebook at James Iroro Omerhi