So you’ve discovered you have a gift; that unique eye that makes you see stories where others do not, the curse that you’re happy to be blessed with, that place where magic is born, your solace when everything else goes wrong, your ART – writing.

Great. Really it is. Discovering that you love writing. No wonder you looked forward to essay writing in school or scribbling poems here and there with ease. Still, it’s not just enough to love writing, you have to hone that art else you’ll attain your full potential.

Read widely. This can’t be over emphasised, because how else to become a better writer of not by reading the works of ones before you?

Attend writing workshops and be ready to accept constructive criticisms. Thank heavens for social media, you have access to information about events way faster so, no excuse of “I don’t know where to find one.” They’re all over social media.

Create or do well to join a support group where writers meet regularly to review each other’s work. Great things happen when like minds gather.

‎Join a book club or society. See some here.  Great writers are indeed readers, plus it’s fun and you get to connect with others.

Practice. The others are quite wasted if you don’t make it a habit to write consistently. The fact that it’s a ‘gift’ doesn’t mean you should relax and feel fly. It’s way beyond that.

Keep honing!