In a previous post we gave tips on overcoming writer’s block, this week we’ll be sharing some writing exercises. If you need a little nudge in the area of writing, there are a number of exercises below that  you should definitely attempt them.

1. Journal Entry
If you could choose any plant to use as a metaphor to describe yourself, what would it be? Would it be a Rose? A Lion? A bird? or something less common like the sea?

Here’s an example:
Troubled Woman by Langston Hughes

She stands
In the quiet darkness
This troubled woman
Bowed by
Weariness and pain
Like an
Autumn flower
In the frozen rain
Like a wind blown autumn flower
That never lifts it’s head

2. Multi-media Approach
(a)One item in the room
(b)One item from outside
(c)One item from a newspaper
(d)One item from TV
(e)Put them together to form a poem.

3. Write a poem in dialogue form (person A & B). Each time you have one of them speak, you must change the tone being used.

4. News Item:
Pick out a story in a newspaper or magazine and try to develop something from it.

5. Hell:
Think of what you’re most afraid of, or a situation that terrifiys you and write on it.

6. Take your notebook and sit at an interesting angle or arena e.g veranda, eatery, garden, beside your window, beach, cafe, etc and MAKE yourself notice detail, amd record it as precisely as you can.

7. ‎You’re a Genius:
Write praises about yourself. Exaggeration will come in handy here, lol.
I am an Amazon,
my skin glows like the morning sun…

You get the drift?

8. You’re a Monster:
The same way you wrote praises about yourself, now write the reverse. Write harsh and unflattering things about yourself.

Well…? Let’s get busy, shall we?