Writing can get very serious and worse, it can become frustrating if you don’t have the right tools. Pen and paper is still great, but take it from us, these apps will help you achieve more.


1. Grammarly

Let’s say Grammarly is your ideal writing assistant in the form of a keyboard. With this app, you can type without fear of spelling or punctuation errors. You’ll even get notifications when you’ve made a mistake. Download the app and say bye-bye to typos.


2. Canva

Every once in a while, you write quotes, poems or other stuff you’ll like to share with friends. Don’t be like those writers on Instagram who use bad fonts or backgrounds that can be an eyesore. Canva is there to make your work look more eye-friendly. If you’d like to make a book cover for that new book, e-flier for your book launch, poster, banner, etc then Canva is a must have.
Available on: Google Play Store


3. Microsoft Word

Create, edit, view, save and share your work easily. Ideal for lengthy writing.
If you don’t already use this app, then you should download it, because it has been saving writers since forever.
Available on: Google Play Store


4. Google Keep

Let’s you write to-do lists, poems, and anything else you’d like to write. The app has different background colours to make writing more fun, and your work gets saved to Google drive so even if you lose your phone, it’ll all be kept intact!
Available on: Google Play Store


5. Evernote

Evernote is similar to the Google keep. It is ideal for your smartphone and computer and stores everything you could possibly think of.
E.g an article you saw on the internet that you’d like to read later, a to-do list, or a quick note. To get access to premium features, you’ll need to pay a monthly subscription though.
Available on: Google Play Store


6. Mindly

Mindly is an app that helps you organize your random thoughts and ideas for your book or story. Ideal for those of you who usually have like 15 tabs open in your head. Lol.
Available on: Google Play Store


7. English Dictionary

Ever been in that situation where you’re unsure of the meaning of a word or the context in which it should be used in? Yep. A dictionary is your go-to. More so, an off-line dictionary (works, even when your data connection is off).
Available on: Google Play Store


Which other apps do you think should be on the list?